Paddle’s Christian Owens and Harrison Rose on problem solving & growth

Human beings can survive quite a long time without food. For most of us it’s eight to 21 days,
By Patrick Campbell

Ultimate guide to product metrics and why they matter for your business

Analyzing your company's product metrics is key when it comes to evaluating whether you are on
By ProfitWell

How to write a brand positioning statement that fosters retention

Positioning your brand is the key to loyalty that drives customer retention. To give your team a
By ProfitWell

Agorapulse’s Emeric Ernoult and their bootstrapping journey

How long would it take you to dig a 10-foot hole? You can use whatever tools at your disposal.
By Patrick Campbell

Turnover vs revenue: Key differences & why you need to know them

In business, many people use the terms turnover and revenue interchangeably to refer to the same
By ProfitWell

Norwest's Scott Beechuk on the fundamental role of customer success

Thanks for listening/reading. A huge shoutout to Scott Beechuk for doing this podcast… wait a
By Patrick Campbell

An Introduction to Product Segmentation Strategy: Definition & Examples

Not all customers are the same. This is, after all, the reason your marketing department
By ProfitWell

Drift's David Cancel on achieving hypergrowth

Bikes give me anxiety. I mean I’m not scared of them, but after cycling a ton as a kid to get
By Patrick Campbell

Understanding and improving product adoption with strong analytics

Product adoption is the key to customer retention and brand loyalty. Customers who find immense
By ProfitWell

What is revenue sharing: How to structure an agreement & accurately track revenue

Revenue sharing takes several forms, although each iteration involves an agreement between
By ProfitWell

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