How onboarding boosts retention | Knowledgehook's Travis Ratnam

The team over at Knowledgehook has a value few other companies can provide: solving problems for
By Neel Desai

What is order-to-cash process & best practices to optimize your O2C cycle

The growth of your business depends heavily on various factors, among them customer
By ProfitWell

A proactive approach to churn | CompanyCam's Kelly Danahy

It matters what you’re saying when a customer churns, but it also matters when you get to them.
By Neel Desai

Paul Lynch on the importance of knowing your value

What were the names of the astronauts who landed on the moon in Apollo 12? Don’t look it up on
By Patrick Campbell

Don't sweat the small stuff | Better Proposals' Adam Hempenstall

Better Proposals can get obsessed with the numbers just like every other company or individual
By Neel Desai

Leela Srinivasan | Operating in the feedback economy

One plus one is two. Do you remember when you learned that? You probably don’t, but these most
By Patrick Campbell

Guide to creating useful product reports

At the core of every company are the products. If they stand out from competitors' products and
By ProfitWell

Is service revenue an asset? All you need to know about service revenue & how to calculate it

Service revenue is an important metric for any business. You need to know how much service
By ProfitWell

Building an optimal product roadmap | Hunt A Killer's Mary Callaghan

What’s the most important thing to focus on when it comes to retention? Your focus could come in
By Neel Desai

When to let churn happen | Framer’s Oscar Carlsson

Holding on to a customer just because they pay you a lot of money can be a negative. If the fit
By Neel Desai

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