Current ratio vs. quick ratio: Which one is more relevant for your SaaS business

Licensing flexibility, unlimited growth potential, and scalability are some of the upsides of
By ProfitWell

Expansion revenue achieved through feedback | Pipeliner's John Golden

He that hunts two hares catches neither. This ancient saying underscores the importance of
By Neel Desai

Offering free trials: Everything you need to know

Before the explosion of the freemium model, free trials were the standard way of allowing users
By ProfitWell

Evaluating different types of payment methods: Which ones are right for your business

Payment needs vary from one business to the other. As a result, the appropriate payment methods
By ProfitWell

What are accounts receivables aging reports (+ how to prepare them in 4 steps)

You need an accounts receivable aging report to help structure a workable company operating
By ProfitWell

How segmentation helps predict churn | Beatport's Romain Pouillon

How often do you listen to music? Most of us probably listen on a commute, while at work, or
By Neel Desai

What is financial forecasting: A step-by-step guide for any business

Uncertainty is one of the constant aspects of doing business. Many factors beyond your control
By ProfitWell

What is net income? Formula to calculate & examples

Did you know that in 2015, Twitter reported two non-GAAP positive earnings and one GAAP net loss
By ProfitWell

3 types of volume discount pricing with real-world examples

Businesses leverage volume discounts as part of their sales and inventory management because
By ProfitWell

A complete guide to profit equation: Definition, profit types & examples

As a profit-making organization, your key bottom line is generating profits for shareholders.
By ProfitWell

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